Baseline Assessment starts with our ISRO to understand essential requirements for the organization; then we deploy vulnerability assessment and penetration tests (VAPT) to get to Know the Unknowns.


Assessment Framework


Netswitch will conduct the VAPT using a combination of the CobiT IT Governance framework, the Open Source Security Testing Manual (OSSTMM), and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) as a guideline for the testing procedures. Specifically, the assessment will be based on the following control structure:  "Control Objective"  "Relevant Control" & "Control Tests"


Some of the Control Objectives are listing below:

  • Active Detection Verification

  • Visibility Audit

  • Access Verification

  • Trust Verification

  • Privileges Audit

  • Survivability Validation, etc.


Netswitch believes continuous monitoring and alerting represent the industry’s best threat prevention hygiene through scheduled vulnerabilities assessment and penetration testing, hence the development of our  Continous Vulnerabilities Assessment Management (CVAM).


Here are some of the benefits to implement CVAM – Continuous Vulnerabilities Assessment Management: 
  • capabilities include unauthenticated testing & authenticated testing, with various high and low-level Internet/industrial protocols,


  • daily updates with new vulnerabilities databases included in the subscription fee,


  • utilizes the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), which is an industry-standard for the classification and rating of vulnerabilities to prioritize actionable tasks,


  • file content checks as part of the policy audits which don’t explicitly test for vulnerabilities but rather test the compliance of file contents (e.g., configuration files) regarding a given policy,


  • registry pattern assessment, which scans the registry database in Windows that contains essential information about system hardware, installed programs and settings, and profiles of each of the user account on your computer,


  • file checksum assessment against policy audits to test the integrity of files. CVAM provides a policy auditing module to verify file integrity on target systems. This module checks the file content by MD5 or SHA1 checksums. In general, this is an authenticated check, i.e., the scan engine will have to log into the target system to perform the inspection. The file checksum check can only be performed on systems supporting checksums, in most cases, this means Linux or Linux-like systems,


  • performance tuning for large-scale scans and a powerful internal programming language to implement any type of vulnerability test…


Netswitch's SecurIA platform provides the VAPT & CVAM as part of our managed service to eliminate the cost of an expensive tool and a process your IT team requires to learn and operate.  The results are correlated into the monthly governance report and dashboard for the IT and security team to take action.

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