Netswitch’s InterOps Managed Service Centers are staffed with highly-skilled, highly certified resources providing remote infrastructure management for our clients 24x7x365. Supporting these resources is a proven set of tools and processes that allow quick detection of incidents and automatic ticket generation and routing, ensuring quick incident resolution.  Our security analysts measures over 80+ correlated metrics to provide to harden Cybersecurity & Network infrastructure and prepare for any interruption, and with our "Prevention To Recovery" model, we can get you back to operation in less than 30 minutes. 


InterOps Services start with baselining network & devices during CVAM and defining monitoring indexes for Router, Firewall, Switch, Server, WAN Connections & DNS with the followings:​


Auto monitor network change with a


OS Update notification


Duplicate Device Report


Network traffic to & from untrusted networks


Firewall rules identified security requirements and business justifications.


Track &reduce inventory to the minimum possible permitted ports, protocols, services


Firewall Rule Set review with the organization-defined network infrastructure rule sets


Bandwidth monitoring to track network traffic caused by end-point devices, application, or


Availability monitoring to ensure Critical Devices are continuously reachable


Performance and load monitoring to verify network speed, CPU usage, RAM load, and other important system parameters


Maintains inventory of ingress and egress points on the production network

InterOps Managed Service will include:


Business Impact Analysis – identifies the business impact of threats to assets, infrastructure, and resources that support critical business functions. Recovery objectives for.


Resilience Testing concentrate in Backup Configuration and Recovery procedure on defined Critical Devices, test results are documented with corrective actions., provide recommendation and services to configure redundant systems and to resume system operations in the event of a system failure.


Backup Restoration or Failover Tests is to confirm the reliability and integrity of system backups or recovery operations.

The result will be a dependable, secure infrastructure that will enable the Customer’ IT staff to focus on their internal clients and core business applications, without the distractions of responding to low-level data security incidents, uncertain patch management, network and infrastructure performance roadblocks.



From server and desktop management, security and network support, cloud computing, storage, and data recovery, IP, email, and mobility, Netswitch’s InterOps Managed Service is your complete solution to manage from "Prevention To Recovery" which offers you peace of mind and the operational IT strategy to focus on your core business while we take care of the rest.

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