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Netswitch and PrivacyLabs Announced a Strategic Alliance

South San Francisco, California - Netswitch, Inc. and PrivacyLabs have entered into a strategic alliance. The collaboration originated from the recognition of the growing demand for alignment of GRC Compliance and Cybersecurity to provide organizations greater visibility of their Cyber Risk. The objective of this alliance is to deliver a comprehensive, automated, and holistic ecosystem for the compliance and cybersecurity needs of organizations.

After years of investment in cybersecurity, organizations are still feeling the negative impact of ransomware attacks resulting in continued operational disruption, resources waste, and GRC penalties. It is proven that misaligned traditional cybersecurity solutions are ineffective against current attack vectors and lack the capabilities to align with GRC objectives.

Initially, this Strategic Alliance will integrate data science and advanced automated solutions to lower cyber risk and deliver greater cyber and GRC risk mitigation to organizations.

•Automation to streamline cybersecurity, incident response, and technical & GRC control assessments

•Increased ROI for cyber resilience with cost reduction, error reduction, and faster performance

•Identify project efficiency & effectiveness, through mitigation of cyber & GRC risks

•Review of application security, software DevSec lifecycle, and web-app integrations (OWASP)

•Cutting-edge, efficient, and defensible machine-learning algorithms for threat detection and remediation systems

•Analysis of third-party risk for a holistic compliance and risk posture

“The one thing we hear more than anything is a desire to have a holistic efficient approach to cybersecurity compliance,” says Paul Starrett, founder of PrivacyLabs.ai. “We specialize in bringing together the component parts of the digital ecosystem into a coherent and defensible synergy.”

“New regulations and data privacy laws frustrate executives because they lack visibility of compliance and cyber risk equal to their visibility of enterprise and operational risks. We deliver a holistic view of risk with data visualization.” said Sean Mahoney, Vice President of Netswitch.

About Netswitch, Inc.–About Netswitch, Inc. – Netswitch's approach is predicated on translating technical and cyber threats into business information in a way that makes sense to all stakeholders. With 22 years of experience, Netswitch provides risk profiles by employing logical security assessment techniques and methodologies to evaluate the overall security posture of network infrastructures. Netswitch creates work products that are straightforward, easy to understand, and conform with the clients desired regulation or frameworks. Our extensive and established relationships within the security products community allow us to ensure each recommendation is the best solution for the environment. We provide a cost-benefit analysis for each recommendation that will align with the budgetary requirements of our clients. (https://www.netswitch.net/)

About PrivacyLabs - A privacy, data-protection and compliance technology firm specializing in the use of conventional and cutting-edge solutions. We leverage a balance of policy advisors, domain specialists and technologists to provide unrivaled coherence in compliance. We bring careful consideration of the three pillars of compliance: Policy, Data, and Controls. Our simple process provides clarity and clarity brings coherence, thereby, reducing costs and timelines while maximizing defensible compliance. For privacy, data protection, or any compliance needs, we deliver ways to Unify, Automate, Secure, and Audit to maximize the client’s resources while reducing costs and human error. While not every engagement will require each service, experience with the services provides truer synergies when leveraged in combination. (https://privacylabs.ai/)

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