ISRO Assessment

This assessment tool is known as the Information Security & Risk Outlook (ISRO) and was developed within put from members of Securli’s Advisory Board; with 20 of the top CISO’s in cybersecurity who combined many years of real-world cybersecurity experience spanning a dozen industry sectors.

The ISRO was developed using the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Baldridge Performance Excellence Program (INFO HERE) and the risk management mechanisms of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (INFO HERE)

The ISRO is intended to help 

  1. Help you understand your cybersecurity landscape which is critical to any business strategy and the delivery of essential services.

  2. Prioritize investments to manage your cybersecurity risk;

  3. Assess the effectiveness and efficiencies of using cybersecurity standards, guidelines, and practices;

  4. Evaluate your cybersecurity understandings and awareness.

  5. Identify priorities for improvement(s) that may be needed for your cybersecurity posture.

The completed evaluation can lead to an action plan for upgrading cybersecurity practices and management and implementing those improvements. Taken periodically, it also can measure the progress and effectiveness of the process. 

NIST is a non-governmental agency and has no affiliation with this tool.  Your information and answers are for you and are not collected by Secure Limited.  The results of this evaluation are for your use and intended to assist you in having knowledgeable conversations in the selection of an appropriate cybersecurity partner to assist you in developing and maintaining appropriate cybersecurity and achieve sustainable results.

Should you choose to speak with a cybersecurity professional from Securli about our recommendations, solutions, or understanding the results better, please contact us at info@securli.com

Thank you for taking the time to understand your cybersecurity better and preserve data that is important to you.



If you think the test is taking too much time, you can request to email the questionnaire